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Introduction of Down
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Understanding of the Feathers (Down)

Known as feather which means the waterproof feathers mainly from goose and duck, it is called waterfowl feathers by Europe and Japan. It is different from the feather of chicken or other birds living on the land.
Strictly speaking, there are two major categories for feather:
One is called the feather root which has different length according to the part of growing and has appropriate flexibility and strong compression usually be filled into pillow. The second one is called down which is shaped like the fiber ball growing under the root close to the muscles of belly and wings and it only has 8% of the entire body with light texture and good flexibility. It is the ideal raw materials for making clothes and blanket.

Incredible feather

Waterfowls like goose and ducks do not have to trim up during summer, and the waterproof function protected them to forage under the water without getting wet. Thanks to the feature, they can freely living outdoor for the entire year. The differences between the feather (down) and other raw material for making bedding product are as follows:
1. The fiber is shaped “Three-dimensional” which can contain a large amount of air for warming the body.
2. The feather comes from waterfowls which has multiple air holes for exhaling the humidity and has the natural dry effect.
3. The feather has natural regulatory function for adjust to different temperature.
4. Protected by oil, it has long duration and the fiber can be dissolved naturally without pollution.


The Characteristics of Down

1. Light and tender:
It is shaped as spherical fiber with light and tender texture which is the lightest material in the world. Down-filled blanket has only 1/3 weight comparing to traditional blanket and it will not cause compression to cardio-pulmonary organ and promote blood circulation which is the most suitable product for children, pregnant women, elderly or patients who suffered cardiovascular disease.
2. Thermal:
Down has thousands of triangular nodes which can absorb numbers of air for preventing heat lost. Therefore, the snow suits or sleeping bag for mountain climbing are regularly filled with down.
3. Regulatory function
The body exhales around 170cc water while sleeping plus the high humidity climate of Taiwan with around 82%~90% humidity, and the both factors make the blanket accumulating too much humidity and causing diseases. Down filled blanket can rapidly discharge the humidity and automatically adjust the temperature reaching the regulatory effect. It also can prevent the occurrence of diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, and eczema.
4. Flexibility:
Flexibility is the soul of a down filled product which also has other characteristics like warming, regulatory, moisture proof, and light. Comparing to cotton, wool, and synthetic velvet-dimensional, the down has the most efficiency which is testified and confirmed by Europe, USA and Japan as the best thermal materials.
5. Economic and Valuable:
The fiber of down will never hardened or deformed which can be preserved for over 15 years under proper use. Hence, it is a very valuable bedding for a life time.


The Concept of LOHAS

LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) is a concept of health and sustainability which is perfected matched and practiced by down filled product.
1. Carbon Footprint:
Comparing to other filled material such as chemical fiber and etc, down product has lowest carbon emission.
2. Dissolvable:
While collocating with pure cotton cover, the down as the filler can still be dissolved after discarding.
3. Protecting the resources of earth
Feather (Down) is the by-product of livestock and it can be discarded while useless.
4. Saving energy
Wearing a good down filled product can reduce the use of air conduction.
5. Lightness
Down is the lightest and warmest material in the world.
6. Natural Product
Non-chemical fiber material and all came from waterfowls.
7. Reusable
Petrochemical fiber is processed from non-renewable oil, however, feather (down) can be renewed and reusable.
8. Security
To make sure the clearness of down, it has to be processed under high-temperature sterilization and drying up. Adding with anti-velvet fabric makes it resistant to bacteria and dust mites than other chemical fibers.
9. Outstanding Warmness
Comparing to other filler used 1g as one unit, down has better effectiveness than other materials.