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Since found out first by the European in the 17th Century, Down is the most gentle and warmest materials in the world. The related products has been broadly adopted and accepted by all people.
 Our company was established for more than thirty years. In early 1996  it was the most prosperous times of the Taiwan down industry. The output of Taiwan down was used to be the top of the world  

which had 65% of the entire market share and earned the country a considerable number of foreign exchange. Until recently, due to the economic recession and downturn, many factories have closed or transferred to China for cheaper rent and human resources. Under this challenge, our company has became stronger and continuously adjusted the path and looked for the most fixable strategy and the most advantaging products to set

foot in Taiwan and develop the business to the world.
Looking for the future, we will still follow our advantaging tradition and the spirit for renovation to continuously challenge ourselves and using the outstanding products and service in response to all the support from our clients over the years.

Domestic Production Base

Head Office
SAGE development industrial Co., Ltd.
No.80-12, Hai’an, Hai’an Li, Yuanli Township, Miaoli County
Tel: 037-862789 Fax: 037-852788
Area: Over 213,500 Square Foot
Main Products
Raw material: All kinds of refine or raw down and feather pieces
Finished Products: Down bedding products
Subsidiary: Down Product Outlet
Rough washing production line: 2
Refine washing production line: 2
Classification Machine: 18
Composition Control Machine: 1
Packaging Machine: 2
Quality Control Laboratory, Fumigation Room, Storing Center, Outlet, Sewage Treatment Plant
Annual Production Capacity:
Raw down: 2,000 tons

Refine down: 1,200 tons

efine feather pieces: 1,500 tons